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Whispering Winter

We live in a wold that can be so loud. We don't brag to our friends about the deep silence or calm morning we experienced, we brag about how busy we are or how we can't seem to find enough hours in the day to get all the tasks accomplished. Don't get me wrong, some days on the farm are simply chaos...But other days (I find them most in the stillness of winter) allow for deep breathing and long walks. And yet, when we find those days we feel guilt or shame for the slowness of our pace. Those fulfilling moments of sunshine on our face are robbed by feelings of inadequacy and the need to do more with our day. I don't know how we got it so wrong, but we did somewhere along the way.

Ever stop to notice how even the earth seems to slow down during the winter months? The water literally freezes to ice. The movement slows to a stop...yet you still see beauty in that non-movement. My goal this winter is to find that beauty every day. To stop the guilt and shame, and to become more at peace with what my soul craves in the ever bustling life we live. Breathe. Rest. Appreciate. Repeat.


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