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The All Natural Spot

Supplier Spotlight!

We think it's important that Y-O-U know where our goods are coming from. These featured, are the folks who make it possible with their hard work in creating local, organic products! For our second supplier spotlight, meet the owners of The All Natural Spot:

Hello, & welcome to The All Natural Spot!

My name is Nate. I would first like to start off by just saying thank you to everyone, and all of our neighbors who have been supporting us throughout our journey together! One of our main goals at The All Natural Spot is to bring everyone organic, all natural, hand crafted products. We specialize in hand made soaps & kombucha (which is a cancer fighting, digestive health probiotic). This health drink is simply a fermented black tea with added natural sugars/fruits. We are hoping to bring you all more products (along with new collaborations/ideas) this upcoming year as we expand! Our soaps are pretty universal (hand, face, body, hair, even dish soap) while we also make custom soaps for different skin types. Not only do we focus on custom, organic products, but we’d really like to bring the idea of sustainable living into our community! Simple, every day, conscious changes can really make a difference for you and your family, at home!

Another one of our main focuses is supporting all of those who want to engage in this life of health. Point blank, period. There are so many ways to save money, and be healthy. I myself have struggled with many different avenues of maintenance within the body. I have taken the extra steps, alongside my family, to truly understand what healthy living looks like! We don’t just make All Natural Soaps, All Natural Kombucha and All Natural Products… we live and breathe All Naturally! We are The All Natural Spot L.L.C.

If you want to know more information about us: go ahead and follow The All Natural Spot L.L.C. on Facebook, or on Instagram! Thank You for your support in buying local.


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