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Kacie's Pickles- Homemade Happiness

Here at The Slope, we feel it is vital for our customers to know who is making the products, and where they come from. We also stand by each of our suppliers, and want them to feel honoured by selling their products through our stand. Allow us to introduce a fan favourite, Kacie with Kacie's Pickles:

Hi, I'm Kacie! I’m a working mom of two handsome boys and a wife to one handsome husband! I am blessed to live on a beautiful piece of land that allows me to grow and harvest food for my family and others. Cooking, as well as taking care of my family and the ones I love, is something that fills my heart with joy! I am thrilled to pass on my grandmas countless years of pickling excellence and provide my community with truly delicious, home-grown, organic pickles in the form of “Kacie’s Pickles”. From my garden to your table I hope you enjoy these pickles as much as my family and I do!


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