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Hobby Farming for Dummies

Don't know the first thing about managing ag land, raising healthy crops or livestock? Me neither, so don't look here for step- by - step instructions!

I have done a lot of challenging things in my life, but nothing takes the cake quite like buying 15 acres of farmland and starting up my own agri-tourism business with an 18 month old on my hip. Good news is- The weeds grow really really well, especially when you don't give them any attention or any water. They especially like poor soil and growing in places where you see them every time you try to walk outside and enjoy your land. I think the goat heads are my personal favourite because they remind you that they are silently lurking with a sharp shooting pain in the bottom of your heel.

The raised garden beds with heavily amended soil, and specific attention placed on how much water the crops get daily? They have produced two radishes for me over the course of three months. More good news.

The FLIES. Anyone who has ventured into the countryside on a hot, sticky day knows about 'em. Is it just me, or do they especially show up when you have literally five minutes left on a project and the baby is crying and...was that a bite? Do flies literally bite? This is news to me. Not the kind I especially like.


The strawberries? They are popping up daily, and they shouldn't even be categorised the same as store bought. They are that good.

The chickens finally started laying precious coloured eggs and they make me smile every day with their poofy heads and quirky personalities.

The lawn mower is working. For now.

It's been 45 whole minutes since picking a goat head out of my big toe.

Maybe farming isn't so bad? Maybe it's the hardest lesson I have yet to learn, but something keeps me coming back for more each morning with the rooster's crow.

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1 Comment

Sep 16, 2022

Bravo Farm Girl Momma !

Dirt in your fingernails & toes & weeds & pests & sore muscles & unwelcome cows & ornery roosters & runaway chickens & coops....Farmers tan & Perseverance & tears & laughter & prayer & faith...God multiplies & blesses those tired sore hands with abundant fruits & life lessons to share with others ... priceless :)

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